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‘midlife career mobility’

‘midlife career mobility



Why change midway?


Gone are the days when one job would suffice an entire lifetime. ‘Rolling stones do not get moss’ is what defines a successful individual of the 21st century. Smaller product life cycles, large scale automation , dynamic fast changing computer technology, free cross border flow of capital are a few but extremely important variables which account for diverse job opportunities and ever evolving job seekers. In such a dynamic environment concepts like outsourcing, heading profit centers, negotiating business deals , facilitating business development, developing and working upon advanced software become common job experiences for the dynamic doer. Large experience leads to larger roles thereby leading to larger ambitions. This leads to frequent job changes and many a times facilitates the emergence of ‘start-ups’ being managed by first generation entrepreneurs.


How do we help you do it?


The relevance of your astro chart -A plant not exposed to the requisite sunlight may get weary and die soon. This implies that sunlight emitted by the star plays a stellar role in the development of the concerned plant. Similar is the case with the human body. The development of this ‘body’ is a function of various variables including the genes and our solar systems environment. This environment includes the positioning of the various planets, the sun and the moon at the time of birth and their present transits. These variables make us distinct from each other resulting in differentiating types and qualities of life experienced at different times within ourselves or among-st each other. 


Life style changes and their impact on ones financial, physical and social health can be understood either by studying the circuit on ones palm (palmistry) or the planetary chart prevailing at the time of the subjects birth (actually the time of conception) along with the transits of different planets during the lifetime of the body. A detailed analysis of your birth chart with transitory implications could help you answer the following;


  • Suitable time to take up a high profile job description or otherwise.
  • Suitable time for changing a job?
  • Suitable time to switch from a job to business.
  • Whether to start a business on your own self or with a partner.


How much does it cost?


 INR 10000 


How to make the payment and other submissions.


100% advance online payment. On making of the payment you will be prompted to give contact and other details (phone number/email/date, time & place of birth). Write your question/s in the space provided.  Also, email a photograph or a scanned copy of your palm (both hands)  to Please ensure that details of yours like name , address etc are also send along with the palm prints.


How long for the analysis


Allow us 7 days after the making of your payment and submission of details for necessary processing and communiqué

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