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‘plan your career’

‘plan your career’


Importance of career planning


Career planning is perhaps the most essential decision making exercise a human body goes through in its entire life span. A philosophical body may not be a success as a mechanical engineer. When career choices go wrong , the detrimental effect is not only on the concerned individual but also on all other stakeholders. A surgeon with a wandering mind , a teacher without conceptual clarity, an electrician prone to shock or a plumber averse to waste are some of the many examples of a wrong career decision effecting one and all.


How do we do it for you?


A simple questionnaire to be filled by you for yourself or on behalf of children less than 12 years of age. This : alongwith the placement of planets in the natal horoscope and the circuit on your palms would be used for assesment. . It is our belief that this unique process of ours would help one and all achieve their maximum potential. 


How much does it cost?


The cost of the entire exercise is INR 2000/- for one individual.


How do you go about it ?


Make an online payment of INR 2000/-. After making such payment you will be prompted to provide your contact and other details (phone number/email/date, time & place of birth). Please use the space provided to communicate any special mention. You shall receive a questionnaire from our side which would need to be filled up by you. Also, please send a photograph or a scanned copy of your palm(both hands) alongwith. Post your reply :  the entire process shall take a week . 




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