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corporate training Advance Corporate Finance


Advance Corporate Finance


Program Objective


Managers and other senior professionals are frequently called upon to make decisions based on accounting and financial parameters. This requires them to develop the skills necessary to assess the output of accounting and financial systems.

The objective of this program is to facilitate learning of financial concepts, methods and applications. The participants will develop skills to leverage knowledge in accounting and finance in order to competitively position their organizations.


Program Content


Session 1 Introduction

 • Objetive of financial management.

• Goals and functions of finance 

 Session 2 Valuation concepts

• Time value and present values.

• Yield /IRR

• Bond returns.

• Dividend discount model.

Session 3 Incorporating systematic risk


• Extended CAPM.

Session 4 Option valuation

      Expiration date value of an Option.

      Valuation with one period to expiration

      Binomial Option Pricing.

      The Black Scholes Option model

Session 5 Investment Appraisal 


      Limitations of IRR.


      Risk analysis in Investment Decisions

 Session 6 Investment Appraisal

 • Case Study 1

Session 7 Investment Appraisal

 Case Study 2

Session 8- Leasing.

·         Accounting treatment.

·         Evaluation of Lease.

Session 9 – Expansion and Contraction

·         Mergers , Divestitures, Spin-Offs, Equity Carve –Outs, Levarged buyouts etc

Session 10 – Financing and Dividend Policy.

      Traditional and MM theory of capital structure.

      EBIT-EPS analysis.

      Dividend and share repurchase

Session 11- Tools of Financial Analysis and Control.

·         Financial Ratio Analysis.

Session 12- Liquidity and Working Capital Management.

·         Liquidity, Cash and Marketable Securities.

·         Management of Accounts Receivables and Inventories.

·         Liability Management.


Session 13 –Balanced Scorecard-Financial Perspective

      Strategic Operating Income Analysis

Session 14- Target Costing vs Standard Costing.

·         Case Study.

Session 15- . Target Costing vs Standard Costing

·         Case Study , Contd.

Session 16- Recap

Participants’ Profile -Senior Executives across functions. 

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