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corporate training Investment Appraisal

Program Objectives
Long term assets of a company   may be regarded as a portfolio of various investments . It is the return on these investments, which drive market capitalization. In this regard, it is very important for the corporate to analyze the potential of a long-term commitment in terms of both risk and return. The program ‘Investment Appraisal’ would help participants understand the various tools and techniques used for appraising Investments, the link between Investment and Financing and the relevance of risk while making decisions .
Program duration 
2 Days. 
The program can be customized as per requirements of the participants. 
Program Contents.
Lecture 1- Administrative Framework
Types of Investments.
Cash Flow Forecasts.
Replacement Decisions and Depreciation.
Lecture 2- Tools and Techniques
Return on Funds Employed.
Net Present Value.
Internal Rate of Return.
Lecture 3- Case Study 1
Investment Appraisal for government negotiation.
Projection of Cash Flows.
Lecture 4- Case Study 1 ; continued
Computation of NPV.
Computation of IRR.
Lecture 5- Case Study 2
Appreciating real life issues in projecting cash flows.
Lecture 6- Case Study 2 ; continued.
Computation of ROFE.
Computation of Payback ,NPV and IRR.
Lecture 7- The Discounting Factor.
Incorporating Risk.
Lecture 8- Risk Analysis in Investment Appraisal.
Computation of risk in single project.
Computation of risk in a portfolio of projects.
Lecture 9- Leasing as a source of Financing.
Accounting and Tax aspects of leases.
Evaluating a lease as against borrowing.
Lecture 10- Sources of value in Leasing & RECAP.
Leasing in perfect capital market/Bankruptcy costs etc.

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