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After completion of the two-day programme, participants would   
Be able to understand the need of separating financing costs from investment decision making.
Be able to understand the variables to be taken into account while computing discounting factor.
Be able to understand the need of divisional returns.
Be able to quantify risk in cases of single and multiple investment proposals.
Be able to understand the limitations of flexible budgeting and standard costing.
Be able to understand the concept of desired profit to be reduced from Target Prices to arrive at allowable cost.
Be able to understand the use of a Value Chain for achieving above mentioned allowable cost.
Be able to understand the role of Leasing in investment decision making.
Be able to understand the importance of identifying variability in order to get a precise cost of the cost object.
Be able to utilize the relevant cost concepts along with above mentioned to validate internal projected costs and third party proposals.
Be able to utilize concepts of time value of money for working capital component decision making.
1. Analysis of Financial Statements and Working Capital Management
Ratio Analysis
Operating Cycle
Inventory Valuation
2. Investment Appraisal  
Projection of Cash Flow
Opportunity Cost of self owned land.
Validate third party Capex proposals 
Limitations of IRR/NPV vs IRR/MIRR
Risk Analysis in Investment Appraisal
Total Risk for Multiple Investments
3. Cost of Capital
Computation of WACC through DDM and CAPM.
Extended CAPM.
4. Case Study- Investment Appraisal 
Computation of cash flow from projected profits.
Incorporating Working Capital, Inflation and Tax adjustments.
5. Capital Structure
Traditional theories.
MM approach. 
6.  Leasing 
Introduction and types
Accounting and Tax treatment of Leases.
Lease vs Buy
Sources of value in leasing.
7.  Cost Management in a changing business environment 
Standard Costing and Variance Analysis.
8. Cost Management-Case Study 
Limitations of Standard Costing
Benefits of Value Chain Analysis and Target Costing.
Cost Management in a competitive scenario                             

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