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corporate training Business Acumen and Cost Consciousness(Energy)



Duration : Two days.


Program Objective


The energy companies of today are facing an unprecedented global economic turmoil, untamed competition, and mind-numbing price swings. In such a volatile business environment, companies must be bold about transforming their business models in order to obtain advantages in both cost and revenues. Issues which need to be addressed in such a scenario are mainly related to the locking up of orders / demand and the way  to survive in an over supplied business environment.

The programme ‘Business Acumen and Cost consciousness’ has been designed to help participants understand and analyse  the volatile business environment being faced by the Gas industry and develop an ability towards strategic decision making.

Program Content



Session 1        ( 3 Hrs)


Changing Business environment and the gas industry


·          Global economic weakness

·          Fuel economy regulations

·          New sources of alternate energy.

·          Product advancement and development.





Session 2        Cost Consciousness (4 Hrs)


·          Value Chain Analysis


·          Target Cost


·           Standard Cost


·          Ideal Cost.


·          Joint and By Product : Costing and Pricing



Session 3        Financial Performance (3 Hrs)


·          Key Ratios for Analyzing Oil And Gas Stocks

·          Net Present Value of future cash flows

·          Balanced Scorecard/Strategic Scorecard




Session 4        Case Study (3 Hrs)


·          Two case studies : one relating to Investment Appraisal and the other on Value Chain Analysis and Target Costs shall be concluded during this session.

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