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corporate training Strategic Financial Management

Program Objective
Managers and other senior professionals are frequently called upon to make decisions based on accounting and financial parameters. This requires them to develop the skills necessary to assess the output of accounting and financial systems.
The objective of this program is to facilitate learning of accounting and finance concepts, methods and applications. The participants will develop skills to leverage knowledge in accounting and finance in order to competitively position their organizations.
Program Content
Session 1 Introduction Objetive of financial management.
Time value of money 
Session 2 Cost of Capital Dividend Valuation Model
Cost of Debt
Session 3 Incorporating systematic risk –Cost of Capital CAPM
Extended CAPM.
Link between Investment and Financing Decisions
Session 4 Capital Structure Traditional theories
MM approach
Session 5 Investment Appraisal ROFE/NPV/IRR/PB
Limitations of IRR.
Session 6 Investment Appraisal Case Study
Session 7 Cost Management Standard Costing and Variance Analysis.
Behavioral issues 
Session 8 Recap
Participants’ Profile
Senior Executives not below the level of Vice President / DGMs

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Accounting And Finance