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corporate training Finance for Non Finance

Programme Title
Finance for Non Finance 
Duration : To be customized as per requirements of participants/organizations 
Program Objective 
A production or a marketing manager is well aware that all decisions he takes shall ultimately affect the profitability of the enterprise; however, many a times he finds himself puzzled by the numbers presented to him by the accounts and finance department. The problem compounds further in case decisions taken by his department regarding investments or day to day operations are not validated by the finance or accounts department.
The program ‘Finance for Non-Finance’ empowers the non-finance manager with an understanding of such numbers. The program provides the managers with a conceptual working knowledge of key financial principles that will help them make better decisions in their organization. At the end of the course the participants will have an in-depth understanding of finance and accounts related matters which shall help them be more productive and efficient. 
The Participants learn to interpret crucial financial data in ways that enable them to improve their effectiveness and make a more productive corporate contribution for value creation. 
Program Content
Session 1 The language of Accounting
Session 2 Balance Sheet , Profit and Loss and Cash Flow Statement
Session 3 How to read a balance sheet
Session 4 Cost and Management Accounting
Session 5 Accounting MIS-Case Study
Session 6 Understanding and Interpreting Financial Statements
Understanding Capital Structure
Session 7 Time value of money
Session 8 Cost of Capital
Session 9 Investment Appraisal
Session 10 Investment Appraisal –Case Study
Session 11 Leasing
Session 12 Evaulating Leases
Session 13 Project Appraisal and Finance
Session 14 Derivatives for mitigating risk.
Session 15 Contemporary Issues in Finance
Session 16 Recap
Participants’ Profile
This program is designed for heads of divisions/functions, middle level managers and mangers, who are new to the concepts of finance or those who wish to update their knowledge on basic finance and accounts.

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